Ziploc Omelets & Greenbluff!

Becky & I planned an omelet brunch with a trip to Greenbluff afterwards to get pumpkins! She did most of the work & it turned out perfectly....good friends & good times!
Becky finishing up on the final preparations before everyone arrived!
The omelets weren't traditional....we made them in ziploc bags! (Thanks, Sarah!!) Stay tuned for the recipe!
Everyone putting their ingredients into their ziploc bags!
Voila!About 30 people made it so it was a houseful....good thing we did it at Becky's! :-)Melissa & BeckyAdorable Luke!Heidi & Wyatt
Becky & Mama!Caelyn, Carlee, & Kaylee....the girls in pink!!Reagan and Caelyn
Jesse & Suz
Mama & CarmenBrian & Lisa bein' goofy....she finally got her hubby back! :-)Lisa & I :-)Kaylee & CarleeJohnathon, Walker, & ColeBeckettSome of the crew hanging out....Some more...
A fun time had by all....the weather was perfect (it did start to rain, but not until we were headed out). Good eats, fun times, big laughs! :-) Now on to the recipe...
Ziploc Omelets
- Using a permanent marker, write each person's name on a quart size Ziploc freezer bag.
(I believe I was told that you don't want to go generic brand on the bags!!!)
- Crack 2 eggs (large or extra-large) into the Ziploc bags and shake to combine them.
- Have each person put their chosen variety of ingredients into their bag.
(We had each person/family bring one ingredient---we had bacon, sausage, ham, onions, mushrooms, olives, cheese, salsa, peppers, etc.)
- Ingredients like bacon, sausage, etc. need to already be cooked.
- Seal the bag, making sure to get all the air out of it and shake/mix it up.
- Place the bags into rolling, boiling water for exactly 13 minutes.
(You can usually cook 6-8 omelets in a large pot at one time---we had 4 pots going!)
- Open the bags and the omelets easily roll out & everyone will be amazed!!
Serve with muffins, fruit, coffee cake and juice & coffee and enjoy!!!

US vs. Canada Women's Hockey....Videos!

I forgot that I had these videos when I did my last post. Just a little action....tried to catch the US scoring, but no such luck. They came close.

Kaylee cheering for one of the US goals....they played the same song that they play when our Chiefs score! So for fun!!

US vs. Canada Women's Hockey...on the road to the Vancouver Olympics!!

On Oct. 16th, the US Women's Hockey team came to town on the road to the Olympics to play Team Canada. We bought our tickets over a year ago. Not as physical as men's hockey, but exciting to watch....these girls are good!! Canada won, but I forgot the score already! Rather disappointing attendance, I believe it was under 5,000 in a building that holds just over 10,000. Probably would've sold out had it been Men's, but come on people, there could've been a bit more support! They are going to the Olympics! :-)
Reagan loves goalies, so when I take pictures, I'm always "instructed" to take them of the goalies! :-)
Team USA

Team Canada

Post-game hand shakes...

Team USA acknowledging the crowd after the game...

Goofiness & Brian's Oct. 10th Birthday!

Oh, that poor girl really needs to get to a dentist! ;-)

I guess when you get this old, you only get cards! And he didn't want cake, so no blowing out candles for this one....probably a good thing since it was at my house & I didn't want the fire department to have to come out! ;-) (Sorry, Brian, just couldn't resist!)
Not as fun for the kids to help Dad open his presents when it's just cards! :-)

A birthday smooch for Dad...

Two exciting guests...they were the life of the party!

Grandma (the one who gave birth to the birthday boy so we could have a party) with Kaylee & her treat from the "auntie" drawer!
...and Reagan too!


mY mOsT rEcEnT tReAsUrE FiNdS!!

I went to a couple vintage/antique sales this summer...here are my finds!!
I found a funky worn turquoise table that, thanks to Melissa helping me "think outside the box", I am using as a coffee table in my orange themed living room.

The bird cage with pumpkins in it was another find! :-)
This is an old metal, foldable table that, guess what, it's a light turquoise in color!
This is it by itself and...
...after as a display for pictures!
An old, get this, turqoise window pane by itself and....
...and as decor on the wall!
Wire/metal table...again thanks to Melissa's idea, I bought a serving tray to serve as the top of the table.
An old metal mailbox...I hope to either put a stand of some sort & put right inside the front door or put a shelf on the wall right inside the door to use to poke my newspaper & mail in until I'm ready to read them! :-)
Old metal "all detergent" pail & old gas can...put on my front steps with mums in it!!
When I get my basement finished (Brian is going to help me do it after Becky moves out), I'm decorating in browns & blues. I found these things for down there....

Blue mason jars...Blue & brown metal bucket...
That's it folks (until next time)!! :-)