Walk for Juvenile Diabetes!!

A group of us did a 3-mile walk on Saturday (9/27) for juvenile diabetes in Riverfront Park because little Braden (age 3 or 4) has diabetes. His mom got shirts made up. It was a beautiful day and we had lots o' fun!
Me, Cole, Melissa, Walker, & Jan before we got going & waiting for the rest of the "team".

Walker, Cole, & Taylor along the trail!

The man himself....brave Braden!! He's a real trooper!!
Braden enjoying some lunch after the walk!


Suzanne & Jesse Get Married!!

September 5, 2008

(I didn't steal pics from Becky...she stole from me!)
I just loved their napkins!!

1st Day of School!!

I got to go see Reagan & Kaylee off to their first day of school!!
They were so cute and excited for school.
(Thanks to Lisa for letting me tag along on their first day)
On the steps of the school...

Labor Day Weekend!!

Becky & I went down to beautiful Wilbur, Washington to Brent & Laureen's for the Labor Day Weekend!!

Saturday night we went to Moses Lake to see Ricochet for a concert in the park.

The rest of our time was spent just hanging out with Brent, Laureen, Tian, and new baby, Lindi Marie! (Brent's parents, sister, & nephew were also there but I didn't get any pics of them!) It was so nice & relaxing to not do much but enjoy each other's company. (I even took 2 naps!!! )