GirLs NiGhT!!

A few of us girls went to Europa for dinner.
So nice to get out and visit & laugh like the good ol' days!!
Lisa & Heidi...So cute!!

I think someone said a funny!!

Melissa, Becky, & I

WeEkEnD in sEaTtLe!!

Kiona & I have been wanting to see the Seattle Mariners for quite some time so we finally just did it last weekend!! Of course we had some time before the game, so we went to the famous Pike Street Market!!

The flower bouquets were incredible!!! I really should've gotten a close-up pic!!The first Starbucks is on Pike Street....if you look real close, you can see that it says STARBUCKS!! Wanted to go in & buy a treat, but the line was too long!!Left Field Entrance to Safeco Field even though we were in Right Field...I stopped in the first parking lot we came to! I hate driving in Seattle traffic!! What an awesome stadium...even though they lost!! (What's new this year??) See the Space Needle??We stopped on the way there & the way home in Ellensburg & spent time with my older "sister" Mylene and her family. So good to see them again!!


Welcome to Baby Lindi!!

My friends, Brent & Laureen, welcomed their adorable daughter Lindi Marie into the world on August 20th. Becky & I went down and saw her when she was just a few hours old but we couldn't hold her yet. So, when she was 2 days old, I went back and got to hold her!!! :o) Can't wait to spend the weekend with them!!

Look at these adorable little feet!!


Table Project

When I bought my house, there was a base to some sort of table or counter left in my basement. I was going to just get rid of it, but then I had an idea. Make some sort of table top for it to use in my craft room. I pondered & pondered...what to do? Well, my clever & handy brother came up with a plan. We hit Home Depot last night, he got his part done today and I got a start on my part...painting! Stay tuned for pics of the finished product!!Of course, he had to put his name to it...
Kaylee helped too...

All done...boy, it's hot out here!!

She's squirting his head. (I just missed Brian getting his head squirted too!)

The only "pool" I have!!



Uncle Carl, Aunt Rosalee, & Izzak stopped & stayed a few nights at Mom & Dad's on their way home from Lincoln City via Milltown convention. Some of us got together for a little BBQ to see them one more time!

Standing by Reagan's sunflower that I believe started out in a cup at school!!

Playing with the homemade squirt guns that Uncle Carl made.

Oh, and this is what my car said when I got in after work today...true it's a bit off when you first start up but still.....it's hot!!!


2008 Murray Family Reunion

Lincoln City, Oregon--Oregon Coast
Family Reunion w/Mom's Side of the Family

Mom, Becky, Izzak, & I rode down together. Our first pit-stop was in lovely Ritzville & another at Multnomah Falls!!

We had sunny weather and....and then some not so sunny weather!! But what do you expect? It's da ocean!!

Relaxing times at the big house....cleaning crab (I think that's what you'd call it!)

Having a fish fry (thanks to the 4 fishers!) and I'm pleased to announce I tried Shaun's fish and actually liked it!!

Eating, visiting, playing, goofing off....

Aquarium in Newport and a couple Light Houses in between Newport & Lincoln City and some awesome views along the way here & there--climbed up in both light houses!! :o)

Look at that goofy-looking tourist? Oh, that's Aunt Minnie!! :o)

The different generations & families....

Becky & I took our time coming home & stopped in Tillamook to go to the Cheese Factory...

The End!!! Hard to believe it's over...Becky & I started planning it 3 years ago and it seemed like so far away but now it's come & gone. Was so fun to see everyone & missed the ones who weren't there!! Can't wait for the next one in 2013!!!