wHiTe eLePhAnT!

Reagan & Kaylee wanted to go to the White Elephant so I took them today after work...so many toys to choose from, but they FINALLY managed to choose some treasures! The cashier gave them each a dime so they could ride the elephant outside!! Oh to be a kid again...when things like that are the highlight of their day!!! :-)
Look, Mom, no hands!!

Happy Birthday to Becky!!

Becky's birthday was last Wednesday, the 29th....we celebrated Tuesday night at my house. I made my first cake EVER!! (Seriously, I had never even made a box cake!) This one was a recipe from scratch that Becky & I saw in a magazine. I told her I'd make it for my cake debut. It was yummy and a big hit!!
Reagan & his 2 girlfriends!! :-)