My Trip to the Dairyland of America...Better Known as Wisconsin!!!

My trip to Wisconsin this summer was awesome due to the wonderful hospitality of my aunt, uncle, & cousins and it started with a couple nights with Aunt Minnie & Uncle Marv...nice to be on the farm again (was there 21 years ago...man, that makes me feel old!!). After Aunt Minnie picked me up in Minneapolis we enjoyed a nice dinner @ Famous Dave's on the way back to the farm along with a couple errands. The 2nd night we enjoyed a nice walk on quiet, country roads and then took a tour of the barns!!
The barn from the yard across the street...

The house (behind those trees) and the rest of the farm from the barn side of the street..

What's a trip to the farm without a trip to the barn...this city girl loved to see the impressive activity going on at the farm!!

She was nervous seeing me there...
....these ones too, Aunt Minnie was right...she said they would stop so we had to walk out so they would continue in for their milking!



The cow puppies were soooo cute!!

Pregnant cow barn...

Pretty view from the back porch...
The 2nd leg of my trip was @ Theo & Sarah's...we all (except for Will & Becky) met on Saturday at a state park for a picnic & fun in the water & then we went back to their house. We all crashed there until Sunday at which time Shaun & Helen & crew and Minnie & Marv went home. I stayed with them until Wednesday.

Aunt Minnie & her "twin" enjoying the water...
Nolan saw some people playing horse shoes in the park so he made his own "horse shoe" game with a stick & a paper plate...pretty clever!
Uncle Marv trying to avoid hitting someone's boat after Theo & Shaun gave him a shove back into the water. I did do a small trip in a canoe (w/Uncle Marv) & a kayak (w/Helen) but got no pics for proof! :-(
Photo session on Sunday afternoon (before Nolan & Theo's wasp stings)...

One night we made pizzas on the BBQ....ok, ok, they may not look so pretty but they sure were good!! :-)
Sarah & I spent a day in Madison, walking around the capitol, etc. and then we met up with Theo, Will, & Becky for dinner! (Will picked a great place, didn't he?? ;-)
The last leg of my trip was @ Shaun & Helen's. Aunt Minnie came down for a night and one of the days Minnie, Helen, Nolan, Hannah, & I went downtown & to lunch...Hannah was upset when the waitress didn't take her plate so she sat there like this until she came back...so cute!!
...then we walked down to Riverside Park.

When Aunt Minnie came down for a night, one day she & I went for a river boat ride...the LaCrosse Queen!!
Many boo-ti-ful houses along the river...
Train bridge that had to swing open for us to get thru...
Me, just enjoying the ride!
Picture perfect!!
Cass Street Bridge, separating Wisconsin from Minnesota (not I-90 bridge, thx Shaun!)
Nolan sportin' his "woggles".... and Hannah in hers!!
Shaun & Helen took me up to Grandad's Bluff on my last day there, nice view of LaCrosse from there...
One of the views...
Helen & I up on Grandad's Bluff...
Heading home...thanks everyone for the great time!! I can't thank you enough...I had a blast!! Your turn to come west now! :-)



Becky, Lisa, Reagan, Kaylee, & I went to Greenbluff in mid-July to do some berry pickin'! I was disappointed that the raspberries weren't that good (just got a few), but Lisa & Becky got quite a bit of blueberries. They were actually quite fun & easy to pick. I helped them pick some since I don't really care for them by themselves!

(Blogger is annoying me....it won't let me move the pictures up and down so these aren't going to be in the right order, but I guess it doesn't matter really.)
Really pretty basket there...
Reagan & Kaylee checking out the bees in one of the little shops there...couldn't find the queen though!With the blueberry loot....Lisa & the kids!!Reagan wanted to take a pic...me, Becky, & Kaylee.Just wittle ol' me....Reagan with a bag of blueberries...Kaylee & Becky pickin' blueberries...Kaylee & Lisa doin' guess what? Yep, pickin' blueberries...Reagan & I trying to pick raspberries...we were either too early or they just weren't that good. I was bummed! :-(My measly raspberries....guess I shouldn't complain, at least I got some!Reagan waitin' to get started!
Reagan & Becky
Becky, Kaylee, Lisa, & Reagan headin' out to get started...

It's been awhile (a long while)!!!

So, I really need to get my blog updated....stay tuned!
I promise to get it done within the next few days (maybe even some later tonight)!! :-)