Bathroom Remodel Complete....Check!!!

After 3 weeks, my bathroom remodel is finally done & I got to go back home. Thanks to Becky for letting me crash at her humble abode during the remodel. I absolutely love how it turned out....I can hardly believe it's actually mine! :-) Here we go....before, during, & after!!


Dust/dirt like this literally covered everything in my house!!! I still haven't gotten everything cleaned...thanks to Lisa for giving me a hand with the first layer! :-)



Community Fun Run....errrr, I mean Walk!

Lindsey & Becky wanted to do a "Walk" so they found one that supported the mentally challenged. I agreed to do it in hopes that I would be able to since I'm working Saturdays now. Luckily I was able to do it and go into work in the afternoon. We had perfect weather (it snowed the day before) and it was super for nice! We walked on the Centennial Trail along the Spokane River!
Becky & Juliette....ahhhh, it looks like they're holding hands!! :-)
Look at me, I'm running...ha ha!!
The Shroyer Ladies heading for the finish line!
I felt so honored to be included in the "roomies" picture since I'm only a temporary roomie!
We did it!! (The whole crew minus one)

My Mama's Birthday!

We celebrated Mom's Birthday last Sunday at Becky's house...her b-day was on the 24th!
Before she opens the goods....
I gave her a Pampered Chef Cheese Grater and.... some fun stuff for card making!!
Reagan & his girlfriend, Lindsey....we were teasin' them!! :-)I wonder where he learned it....goof ball!!