YaRd SaLe FuN!!

We had a yard sale @ Mom & Dad's this weekend....2 days of selling our junk! It really is true that one man's junk is another man's treasure!! We had super duper lots of people that came (Friday especially) but we did have few moments of down time so we had to have a little fun!!
Monica & I
Us again...
I decided to get hideous & what do you know...I ended up in all of Becky's clothes!! :o)
My dear friends....Hilda & Olga!!
Is he supposed to go to Goodwill or are we gonna keep him?
Better keep him...I think I'd get in big trouble with his Mom & Dad!! :o)
(I would never ever give my best bud away!!)

Let's Get this Party Started!!

OK, I'm finally gonna do it too....join the blogging world! Come back and see what's going on in my world! I can't promise it will always be overly thrilling but you never know what you might find! Welcome to me!! :-) (Oh, and don't be surprised to see some of the same pics as Becky 'cause we tend to do lots o' things together!!)