TriCk oR tReaT....sMeLL mY FeEt!!

We had Halloween @ Mom & Dad's and went with the kids trick-or-treating down the same street we went as kids. Awww....the memories!!! :o)

The cute bags Lisa made for them...

Like Father....Like Son!!

Cinderella meets Batman....

I never got candy bars this big when I was a kid!!!


Chili-Eatin' Pumpkin Carvin' Fun!!

Becky's roomies planned a little get-together and it was held at our friends' Jaben & Melissa's house that they're in the process of building. They made some good eats and fun 'twas had by all!!

Juliette & Lindsey--The Party Planners


CrAfT rOoM cOmPLetE!!

Well, I did it!! I finally got my table painted, hauled inside (thanks to Becky for the use of her muscles), and my craft room set up.
I'm so excited to have some girls and/or niece & nephew over to have some fun in there! (Guys would be welcome too except somehow I doubt I'd get any takers!)
My hopes for using my only other room on my main floor as my craft room instead of a guest room is that I'll actually do things since I walk by it every day!!
We'll see how that goes! If nothing else, the room looks cool! :o)


Brian's B-Day!!

The birthday boy!!

Kaylee helping him open the goods...

Kiona & Reagan...what nuts!!

My mama and Kiona...so cute!

Last but not least, Becky's beautiful rendition of the Itsy Bitsy Spider
(using indian corn for a microphone)!!


Punkins @ Greenbluff!!

Lisa, Reagan, Kaylee, Becky, & I went to Greenbluff today to get some pumpkins!! 'Twas a beautiful day but the wind made it super for cold but we had fun anyway!!
Fall is definately here and less than 3 weeks until Halloween!!