Turkey Day!!

We had Turkey Day at Becky's this year....she did a fab-u-lous job!!
(Except for desserts and Lisa's yams, she planned & made everything else!!)

She even invited everyone to come for breakfast...

Playing games & goofing off in between breakfast & the big feast!!

Getting ready for the feast....

Dessert anyone??
Way to go Beckerina....ya done good!! I certainly left fat & happy!! :-)


Reagan Turns 7!!!

The adorable birthday boy!!!
The Cake!! Wyatt Cooke getting excited and then having some fun with Caelyn Foster.

You can't see it really well, but Wyatt likes to just stick his tongue out so Caelyn was doing it right back...they were so cute!!

"When can I start opening my presents???"

Holding 2-month old Luke Foster...he's soooo cute and notice the cute camo outfit that Becky got for him. His dad is a big hunter!! Also, Beckett Cooke. (The Cooke boys are Reagan & Kaylee's 2nd cousins...their Dad is Lisa's cousin.)

The birthday boy looking tired but happy to be sportin' his new Pittsburgh Penguins outfit from Grandma & Grandpa Z while holding his dog Spotty who also got a new outfit...a Spokane Chiefs uniform from Aunt Tammy. Can you tell the boy likes hockey??

Happy Birthday, buddy....love ya lots!!

Reagan playing Hockey!

About once a month some of the friends rent an ice rink in Coeur d'Alene to play hockey for an hour on a Friday night. Brian likes to go and he's been taking Reagan along to let him get on the ice and practice. He usually just hangs in the corners and along the boards to stay out of the way of the big guys. They played this past Friday and Kaylee wanted to go watch so Becky & I took her and we went out and watched.

Here's Reagan practicing his passing with another boy that was there. Reagan is in red.

Coming over to the glass to say "hi" to Kaylee.

Kaylee & Becky goofing off waiting for Reagan to come out when they were all done.


Skatin' & Rakin' Saturday!

I went ice skating with Brian & the kids on Saturday afternoon at Riverfront Park & then Reagan & Kaylee came over to my house to help me rake my leaves for the last time this year!
We saw this blue heron as we walked across the bridge to the park...we were hoping to see it fly off but we didn't and it was still there when we left.
For any who don't know...this is where the Expo '74 was held.
They're the best leaf stompers around!!