Happy B-Day to Ruthie (again)!!

Becky, Ruthie, & I were invited out to Jaben & Melissa's tonight for visiting before Ruthie leaves on Thursday. We had another b-day celebration for her.
Jaben wearing his "Princess" birthday crown and us all making the big 4-0!!
Notice the spelling on the gift bag!! And a pretty new scarf!
Walker & Lucy ~ Walker & Cole being typical boys & brothers!!
Cole & Walker put a shirt & pants on Lucy....she looked so funny, but cute!!

Walker became fascinated with tap shoes, so for his birthday in July, Melissa bought some taps and put them on some Spiderman Vans for him. He put on a show for us...so for cute!!! (Too bad it's so dark, it was so fun to watch him...he was concentrating so hard!)

The one I missed...

I told you Becky would tell me if I missed one!!
Don't know how I missed this one...it's one of my favorites and most recent.


Past Pottery...

Sarah said that I should post in another blog what we did at pottery this past Saturday. Well, it takes a week to get them back, but I thought I'd show you what I've done in the past. I think this is everything that I've done. (I'm sure Becky will remind me if I have forgotten anything!!) So, here you go and stay tuned next week for the newest one! (Oh, and Sarah, it is super fun to do...you should definately find a place to do it!!)



Mom, Ruthie, Becky, & I went & painted pottery on Saturday. So much fun!

Rooftop Snow Removal

When Brian brought the kids over for sledding, he jumped right in and got the roof & my patio cover on the north side of my house cleaned off
It was a lot of work...he's so good to me!! THANKS AGAIN, BRIAN!!


Brian brought the kids over on Saturday for sledding and crafts. I have the perfect hill out beyond my back yard fence at a church/school. Luckily, part of my fence fell down this fall so we didn't have to climb the fence!


Happy 40th Birthday to Ruthie!!

Ruthie is turning 40...can you believe it?? Becky & I took her out to dinner Friday night and then surprised her with cake & ice cream at Mom & Dad's!

I had Mom make sure she had her walker & shawl out and ready to go when we go there for the old lady! :-)

I must tell a funny story about when I picked up the cake. When the cashier saw that someone was turning 40, she said, "Oh, is that your Mom?" (I didn't bother to tell her that I was only 4 years away from 40 myself but it sure did make me feel young!)


HaPpY nEw YeAr...2009 hAs ArRiVeD!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I brought my own bubbly. (non-alcoholic, that is!!)

Monica & I toasting the new year...

Mom & Ruthie...gotta love the Smurfs glass, Mom!! :-)

Ruthie & Patti

We all get cookies...yay!!

And we played Whoonu and then Boxers & Briefs!!

Dad & Patti...Monica had to help them pose. Dad was being a goofball!

We were missing Becky and Brian & Crew.
(Becky was at home with a migraine and Brian & Lisa were bringing in the new year with Lisa's parents from Alaska who leave New Year's Day to head back home, plus Brian had to be at work at midnight!)
Here's to lots o' good things for every one in 2009!!