US vs. Canada Women's Hockey...on the road to the Vancouver Olympics!!

On Oct. 16th, the US Women's Hockey team came to town on the road to the Olympics to play Team Canada. We bought our tickets over a year ago. Not as physical as men's hockey, but exciting to watch....these girls are good!! Canada won, but I forgot the score already! Rather disappointing attendance, I believe it was under 5,000 in a building that holds just over 10,000. Probably would've sold out had it been Men's, but come on people, there could've been a bit more support! They are going to the Olympics! :-)
Reagan loves goalies, so when I take pictures, I'm always "instructed" to take them of the goalies! :-)
Team USA

Team Canada

Post-game hand shakes...

Team USA acknowledging the crowd after the game...

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Dad said...

Was an enjoyable game but not quite the finesse of men but the ladies have come a long way. Attendance was 5,427 if not mistaken--5400 plus anyway. These 2 teams will probably win the gold & silver in Vancouver.