mY mOsT rEcEnT tReAsUrE FiNdS!!

I went to a couple vintage/antique sales this summer...here are my finds!!
I found a funky worn turquoise table that, thanks to Melissa helping me "think outside the box", I am using as a coffee table in my orange themed living room.

The bird cage with pumpkins in it was another find! :-)
This is an old metal, foldable table that, guess what, it's a light turquoise in color!
This is it by itself and...
...after as a display for pictures!
An old, get this, turqoise window pane by itself and....
...and as decor on the wall!
Wire/metal table...again thanks to Melissa's idea, I bought a serving tray to serve as the top of the table.
An old metal mailbox...I hope to either put a stand of some sort & put right inside the front door or put a shelf on the wall right inside the door to use to poke my newspaper & mail in until I'm ready to read them! :-)
Old metal "all detergent" pail & old gas can...put on my front steps with mums in it!!
When I get my basement finished (Brian is going to help me do it after Becky moves out), I'm decorating in browns & blues. I found these things for down there....

Blue mason jars...Blue & brown metal bucket...
That's it folks (until next time)!! :-)


Sarah said...

Awesome finds! Turqoise must be the color.

farmermarvswife said...

too bad we aren't closer I could help you out with some more blue jars!